Department of Aerospace Engineering
Faculty of engineering Kasetsart University

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Study Program 



1) 5.5 year undergraduate double degree program in Aerospace Engineering and Management

(B.Eng. from RMIT and from KU, B.Bus. from RMIT)

2) 4.5 year undergraduate single degree program in Aerospace Engineering

(B.Eng. from RMIT and from KU)


Degree Requirements

Each student needs to fulfill the requirements of Kasetsart University and RMIT University in order to graduate from both institutes. Upon successful completion of the first 3 years at Kasetsart University, students transfer to enroll at RMIT University for 2.5 years for a double degree option or 1.5 years for a single degree option.


Please Contact 02-7970999 Ext.1705,1715 for the details.